Rimini weekender NEWS!



SOULFUL CRUISE !….subscription details:

In order to be able to confirm the cruise we need reach 80 reservations in advance , to book it you should send request with your name by email to info@gambettolasoulcity.net, then send the fare of €18 each through paypal to same email address or money transfer.
The ship ‘Queen Elisabeth’ , that’s the name, has got a nice bar with wooden dancefloor (almost a floating pub!) and a sound-system with the decks where the djs will do their business during the sea cruise!
The cruise includes a stop in the nicest bay along there.. the ‘caribbean’ bay of Vallugola , where you can take a swim in a beautiful clear water and sunbathing (circa 1 hour).
The ship will wait for us at the port to set sail circa 15:45 , just 5 minutes walk from the venue ( we’ll wait for you at the Coconuts from 15:30) Return planned circa 18:45.
Don’t miss it!..

in case we couldn’t get at it, you will get money back directly at the door (that’s you will pay the weekender pass €7 instead of €25 , or you will receive €3 back for one niter only ) , as always, we’ll get the afternoon session at the outdoor bar..